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Beach Trading holds its position as the biggest American market for buying and selling ships, engines and personal watercraft.


Beach Trading

Beach Trader was launched in 1996 as the online counterpart to the Beach Trader Magazine in circulation across the United States. In 2006, the magazine and website joined forces to offer boat dealers and private party sellers a print and online solution for ship sales.

Beach Trader presents your advertisement to a nationwide audience.More than 1.6 million buyers hunt for ships, yachts and sailboats each month.

We take ship listings seriously and strive for good results.All listings are subject to our Terms and Conditions.

Carriers bid like an auction, competing for your business, you don’t have to call carriers simply to list and wait for bids.

Beach Trader has partnered to provide our customers competitive loan programs and the highest quality of service. And since we know that everyone’s financial situation is different, we offer flexible financing options to assist you find a ship loan that fits your budget.

Walkaround Boat

If you like to fish, the walkaround is an excellent platform since it is primarily a fishing machine. The majority of them come with a lot of rod holders, fish bins, and live wells, and are finished in a great deal of positive-molded gel coat for simple cleanup.

Center-Console Boat

Center-console boats are great for cruising. They occupy an enormous segment of the small-boat market as they can bring plenty of utility to lots of people. They also deliver excellent performance, rough-water ability, and great looks.

Pontoon Boat

Individuals who do their boating on lakes and other inland bodies of water have long known something that coastal boaters have just recently begun to find out: For absolute comfort of being afloat.

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Garage Door Budgeting

Garage doors are a large part of the exterior of our homes. There is a reason that we want them to look nice and operate correctly, because they help us in our daily life to just make things easier. Leaving the house, storing outdoor equipment, etc. all of these are made easier by having a garage door and an automatic garage door opener. Every day life is already tough to get through every single day, so making things just a bit easier and better through a small investment in the right garage door and garage door opener is a no brainer.

However, every once in a while you need a new garage door or opener. This means that there is gonna be some money that you need to spend. Big expenses and even little ones that seemingly come out of nowhere are never great. They dip into your savings and in some cases can really throw off an otherwise balanced budget. An unexpected expense like that can really throw things into wack, but there is a better way. There’s a few ways that you can see things coming. You can save up an appropriate amount so that you can look at garage door repairs in the right light so that your household budget can be a little more accurate and not have any huge unforeseen bumps.

Saving up and budgeting properly for a garage door repair or for an entirely new garage door or even a garage door opener can be tough. There are things that come up that you need or just want to pay for. Every day life approaches us with a variety of things that inevitably almost always cost money. Garage doors and keeping your home safe and in good shape is just another one of those things.

The easiest and simplest way to budget for your garage door is to look at maintenance costs and the total cost of the garage door and opener and add them together. Then you’ll look at the expected lifetime of the garage door and try and break it up to the cost of a new one at the end of that lifetime. It is a good idea to pad that figure a bit just to make sure if things go wrong beforehand you can deal with them though. This should have you pretty well budgeted for any garage door repairs that come up and if things work out well then you are going to have a bit extra to perhaps upgrade your garage door at the end of everything.

Garage doors last a long time so if you budget properly then you will have a nice chunk of change at the end of things with putting very little aside whenever you do so. Repairs might dip into that every so often, but the cost of the garage door is well worth doing some small repairs to keep it in working shape. This is usually a much better idea than just scrapping the entire door or if you are nearing that time when the garage door might be put down for good you should look at your savings and make an informed decision.

How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer

Most of us turn to water when it comes to relaxing. Different people have various reasons for buying a boat. Whatever be the reason, you always need to take the first step and get the perfect equipment to achieve the purpose you have in mind. It can be quite depressing to spend all your hard earned money on the wrong boat.


The following are some of the tips for a first-time buyer:

Visit many boat dealers:

Visit many local marinas and boat dealers to get a rough idea of what boat is perfect for your purpose. Try to take a boat tour so that you can see what boat is available and you can compare the prices and the features of various vessels.  Even if you are planning to buy a used boat, when you see new models it will help you to decide if you are getting a good deal and if there are significant changes has been made from the previous models.

Do not spend too much on your first boat:

If you are getting a boat or succulents in wooden boxes for the first time, try to get an economical boat which is small and easy to easy to handle and get around. Being the first boat, you might be worried if you crash it into the dock or scratch it up on a windy day and if you happen to buy an expensive boat, you will be more worried. Your entire family can use the vessel to learn, and you can also give this boat to your kids later when you get a second boat. Big boats can get quite tricky to handle. Especially if you are a beginner and it also costs more. Seek the help of your dealer to get the right boat; you can even get a second-hand boat if you feel that it still has a warranty and is in excellent condition.

Get a test drive:

You must always insist on having a test drive to know you can handle the boat properly; this is a great chance for you to check out any equipment. You can analyze the depth finder, bilge pumps and radio conditions which usually cannot be tested while sitting on the trailer. When you have a test drive, you get the confidence that you can ride the boat as a beginner.

Safety equipment:

Always try to remember that when you own a boat, you must bear other expenses like gas, registration fees, and insurance. One of the other important factors is that you will need safety equipment. You also must spend for maintenance and pay mooring fees.

Do not be afraid:

As a beginner, you might be little afraid to take your boat to the waters that this fear will slowly fade away and you need to make sure that this fear goes away. You cannot learn all the skills in just a day; it takes time and experience to become a good boater.

What is the Best Boat to Buy?

Over two-thirds of the world is covered with water, and you can visit a lot of places with your boat then you can do in your car. However, recreation boats are not like cars; you can’t use them for simple transportation. When you buy a boat you need to set your priorities right, only when you know for what purpose you are purchasing the boat, you will be able to buy the vessel. To buy the best boat, you first need to understand the following factors which will provide you an idea of which boat to buy.


Decide on what water type you intend to boat:

You need to figure which type of water you are going to boat most of the time. Is it going to be in rough water or calm water? The body of the boat that has a deep-V shape goes smoother, but it draws more water into the vessel. It requires higher power to go at a particular speed. Depending on the water type you need to decide the hull of the boat. You need to choose between the deep V-shaped hull, modified V, and low deadrise hull.

Crew size:

Finalizing the size of your crew is very important. You need to know how many people you will be taking in your boat. While buying a boat, you need to determine how many people will join you on a regular basis. Based on the crew size you need to purchase your boat. You need to understand that the overall length of the boat is not its size. You need to find out the displacement of water to get the volume of the vessel.

The time you are going to spend on the boat:

Establishing the time you are going to boat is another important factor. You need to decide whether you are going to spend just a little while on the boat or if you are going to spend the entire day and night on your boat.

Purpose of the boat:

Make sure that you make compromises before buying a boat. You need to decide if you are going to use your boat for fishing or water sports or a party.

Power type:

There are so many power types that are available for a boat. There are runabouts with jets, and you have the outboards with sterndrives. The bigger vessels have pods in addition to inboards and sterndrives. For enhanced dockside manoeuvrability, there are multiple engines.

There are lots of boats available, and each boat is designed for a particular purpose. The water type is not the same everywhere and the reason for buying a vessel may differ from person to person. So before purchasing the perfect boat, consider the factors mentioned above and then buy the boat which best suits your purpose and need.

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